Indications That You Need a New Roof

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When you are trying to figure out if you need a new roof, the first place to start is in the attic space. There you can see if there are any indications of water leaks or damages. If you have any inkling that you need a new roof, do not hesitate to call Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration at (816) 358-7663. We operate in Overland Park, KS.

Always have your roof inspected after severe storms to ensure that the integrity of your roof has not been compromised. Have you noticed any buckling, cracked, or broken shingles on your roof? You should have those repaired immediately. During the inspection, we check the gutters and downspouts for shingle granules—a roof that loses a lot of granules is nearing the end of its lifespan. The flashing is the metal part that is around your vents, skylights, and chimneys are there to protect the roof’s seams from rain as well as other weather conditions. Making sure there are no splits or cracks in your flashing will keep you from having leaks in the future. In older buildings, roofing cement or tar was commonly used for flashing, although metal flashing systems are better due to their durability. We will recommend replacing the old flashing with new flashing only after it starts to deteriorate.

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If your roof is drooping and sagging, it is time to replace it before it does more damage to the structure of your property or worse fall in on you. It is important to have your roof inspected because the lowest points of your roof will show signs of trapped moisture or rotting boards. Moss can be an eyesore on your roof, but even more so, the presence of moss or mold on a roof indicates that there is water damage. We will use a stiff brush to remove moss from your roof’s shady areas, and then check to find out if there are any underlying issues that need to be fixed right away. Do not assume that you need a new roof just because a few shingles have been damaged or a little leak has appeared. These can be easily rectified with the proper repairs. With correct installation and if it is less than 20 years old, your roof can be restored instead of needing a full tear-off and replacement.

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You should always leave your roof in the hands of the experts. If you are unsure, talk to us for advice and guidance because we want all our clients to benefit from our decades of experience. If you are from Overland Park, KS, then look no further than Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration. Contact us at (816) 358-7663.