Roof Repair – Lee’s Summit, MO

Following a maintenance program means your roof will last longer and means you will spend less on repairs over time. Maintaining your roof is the best strategy to keep it in excellent condition for a longer period of time. Do you have a building, home, or commercial space in Lee’s Summit, MO? Get in touch with Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration today at (816) 358-7663.

Signs that Your Roof is in Need of Repair

Water leaks are the most obvious sign that you need to get your roof repaired. Whether you have a hole in your roof, weakened seams, or your roof flashing has been damaged, leaks will occur. Your property will incur more issues if a leak is not fixed immediately. Even a small leak will cause your roof to decay, the very structure of your building to rot, and cause mold to grow. This will cause you to have to do a full tear-off and replacement of the roof, structural work, and have a mold remedial team come in to remove all the mold, all of which will cost you a tonne of money, not to mention the amount of time this will all take or the headache you will get from dealing with all of this.

Is your roof starting to sag? In this case, you would need to get your roof repaired without delay. This is a clear indication that something has gone very wrong with your roof, and it may have to be replaced if it has been left in this state for too long.

Missing or broken shingles are some of the most visible and noticeable indications that your roof needs repairs. When your shingles are past their prime, it shows, and that is when it is time to call in our experts. Even if it is only a few missing or damaged shingles, you need to get them replaced quickly so that the damage does not become a much larger issue. A well-maintained roof protects your property from the elements, keeps pests out, and increases the overall value of your property.

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If you have noticed any of these warning signs on your roof, whether it is your home or your commercial building, it is time to call in our professionals here at Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration. We give a free estimate with each and every inspection we do. If you have any questions or are ready to get us on your roof and you have a building in Lee’s Summit, MO, call (816) 358-7663 today.

Roof Inspection – Lee’s Summit, MO

It is not an easy task to determine a roof’s condition if you are not a professional. Roof repairs, tear-offs, and replacements cost a hefty amount of money and can be time-consuming. Having a roof inspection done by Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration will provide you with a free estimate of what your next project will cost you as well as a timeframe for the length of time the project will take. Call us today at (816) 358-7663.

As a potential owner of a new home in Lee’s Summit, MO, you need to know whether you have a good roof above you or what issues it has so you can make an informed decision on buying the place. You should have your roof inspected twice a year to catch any issues while they are still at a manageable level. For this same reason, we recommend having an inspection done right after any major storm.

Roof Inspections are Important for Several Reasons.

Getting an inspection can catch common problems like missing shingles, leaks, or even roof dropping, but will also help you to prioritize which issues need to be handled first and which ones you can put off for a little while. All this information will be in our report, which will always include our estimates, time frame, and findings.

Your roof can leak for multiple reasons. Some of those reasons can potentially be covered by a warranty. Make sure you call a professional to inspect your roof regularly. We will let you know if you should fill out a warranty claim. Make sure you keep all the warranty paperwork in one place where you can easily find it.

A roof can get damaged in a bad storm or could have damage due to its age. Either way, a thorough roof inspection will find out what the issue is, or issues are. Getting those fixed quickly will keep them from causing you more expenses in the future.

Making sure your roof is in the best shape is our goal. Whether it is a small leak or a full tear-off and replacement, we always start with a thorough roof inspection. We create all our plans based on our inspections, so you are not getting anything that is not necessary. We are not commission-based, so we will not have you pay for work that your roof does not need.

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For a thorough roof inspection in Lee’s Summit, MO, call us today at (816) 358-7663. At Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration, we give a free estimate with each of our roof inspections.

Vinyl Window Replacement – Lee’s Summit, MO

For six decades, vinyl has been used to make new windows. They have not always had the best reputation, but many manufacturers have worked to build a better product than what was available even a decade ago. If you are looking at getting vinyl window replacement in Lee’s Summit, MO, call Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration at (816) 358-7663.

Nowadays, new vinyl windows are the most common replacement windows and new construction windows. If you are on the fence about whether vinyl is right for your home, here are some things you should know as you make your decision.

Vinyl has numerous advantages.

Some of the benefits new vinyl windows offer are also in the types of new windows. Other than increased energy efficiency, here are a few of the other benefits that they offer:

It is virtually maintenance-free — there is no sanding, painting, or staining. Just like all windows, you will still have to wash the windows, screens, and sills from time to time. as well as make sure they are properly caulked.

They are Weather Resistant – Unlike wood and metal windows, vinyl does not warp or rot when exposed to weather and temperatures. Plus, pests have no interest in them.

More Sound Insulation -One of the biggest surprises our customers get to enjoy from their new windows is how much quieter it is inside their home.

Some manufacturers offer custom vinyl colors. Most offer a wide variety of standard options in color. Plus, you can get about any window style and size with a variety of grid options and hardware in addition to gas fills depending on the manufacturer.

Most affordable replacement windows:

One of the reasons they are the most popular new and replacement windows is that they are the most affordable window type on the market. When you compare a clad, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass window of the same size and style that has the same energy efficiency rating and a similar warranty and features, you will find that the vinyl window is the most affordable option.

Choose affordable replacement window systems for your new vinyl windows.

We offer new vinyl windows by several manufacturers. The products we sell and install come with exceptional warranties as well as our installation guarantee. If you would like to learn more about vinyl windows in Lee’s Summit, MO, call Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration today. Call 816-358-7663.

Siding Replacement – Lee’s Summit, MO

Updating your home should be a time of excitement and a fresh start. But as soon as the harsh reality of vetting contractors, timelines, and budgetary constraints starts to sink in, a renovation project can feel more like a nightmare than a joyous occasion.

When it comes to your home’s siding, its life expectancy is always a topic of discussion and debate. While wood and aluminum siding are classic choices, vinyl siding has grown in popularity over the years due to its longevity and durability. An additional benefit to vinyl siding is that it is energy efficient and can help lower utility costs when it is maintained regularly.

Whichever material you decide to go with when installing or replacing your existing siding, make sure you join forces with a trusted siding contractor. Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration is here in Lee’s Summit, MO to help you with your siding replacement. Call us today at (816) 358-7663.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Siding?

Replacing your home’s siding is one of those inevitable projects that tend to sneak up on people. As for the timeframe, that truly is dependent on multiple factors. If routinely maintained, siding can last for several decades. But it will come down to the material your siding is made of, the quality of the installation, how often you clean it, and what kind of climate you live in.

When siding begins to degrade and break down, it will leave your home vulnerable to the elements. That is an ideal time for things like water damage and mold to start taking shape. When mold starts to grow in your home, it can be hard and expensive to get rid of.

Catching dry rot early may mean the difference between replacing a section of siding or replacing all the siding. Do not wait until the rot is visible to the naked eye. The fungi that cause dry rot start below the surface of the siding. If your siding is nearing 5 years old, have us come do a thorough siding check.

Noticeable Cracks in Your Siding—It is common for your siding to take a beating during intense storms. If this happens, it is no cause for alarm but should be dealt with swiftly. Again, you do not want to give water an opportunity to get under the siding. If you see that there are cracks or loose siding, you need to get that section replaced without delay.

Fungus, mold, and mildew – If you notice black mold or fungus on the outside of your home or across sections of siding, it could be one of two things. Either there is just mildew forming on the surface of the siding, which can be easily treated by washing it down with a cleaning solution and a high-pressure washer. But if you notice that there is mold or mildew on the seams of the siding, then that is cause for concern. Mold and mildew can be a sign of water damage under the siding. This is worth a closer look by a siding professional.

These are just a few red flags to be on the lookout for. Just to be on the safe side, simply add a siding maintenance program with us.

Washing off the exterior of your home with a cleaning solution to get rid of on-the-surface mold and mildew is always an effortless way to reduce issues. Make sure you regularly clean out your gutters to prevent water from running down the side of your home. These are just a few tips to keep the outside of your home looking good and in excellent condition.

Remember that expertly installed siding can add value to your home and increase the resale price when you decide to sell it. It is prudent to weigh quality against cost and fall somewhere in the middle. While it is easy to reach for the best bargain, you do not want to be cheap on siding either.

Finding a trusted siding contractor is key to the longevity of your exterior. From installation to the quality of the materials, call Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration at (816) 358-7663.

Siding Contractors – Independence, MO

The siding on your property plays a crucial part in the fortification of your home and the safety of you and your family. Since your home’s siding will be taking on a lot of different weather hazards throughout the year, it needs to be kept in the absolute best condition it can be in all year round. Furthermore, a great proportion of the aesthetic appeal of your home comes from the style, color, and condition of its siding. There is a vast array of siding options available. The craftsmen of Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration are here to guide you as to which option is compatible with your interests, home style, and budget. If you are a homeowner in Independence, MO, or the surrounding area, give us a call at (816) 358-7663 and we will be on hand to help you through every step of this process!

We provide complete siding services.

As a homeowner, you will need all kinds of siding services. For instance, you could be looking to have new siding installed on your new-construction property, or if you already have a home, you could be looking to give your home a facelift by removing its old, worn-out siding by having it either repaired or replaced. Whatever it happens to be, our expert technicians at Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration have you covered. We have the capability and know-how to handle any siding service your home will need with utter skill and finesse. For more details, we are just one phone call away!

Affordable Prices

While our experts are renowned across the state of Missouri for our unmatched artisanship, we feel that another particularly important aspect of our job, that is often underrated, is our affordable fees. We charge very fair prices for our work, and we also make sure that you get the best materials for your siding project at the best prices on the market.

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Are you in search of the best siding contractors in Independence, MO, or the surrounding area? Then you’ve come to the right place. The professional siding contractors, housed by Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration, have been providing siding services to the homeowners of Missouri for several years now, and we will be glad to serve you as well. Call us today at (816) 358-7663.

Roofers – Lee’s Summit, MO

No matter if we are talking about time or cost, a roof is a costly investment that you usually have to do once in a lifetime. It will provide you with undisputed protection for decades to come when it has been installed correctly and properly maintained. It will have its own issues from time to time, but that is why you have us as your roofers. Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration is a construction company that has served the building owners of Lee’s Summit, MO for years. We excel in all the roofing services that we provide. If you are a building owner in Lee’s Summit, MO, or the surrounding area, contact us today at 816-358-7663.

We are a full-service roofer.

Being full-service roofers, we have knowledge of a variety of roofing issues that may arise. We are confident when we say we offer any service your roof may need now or will need in the future. From an extensive roof inspection to a full tear-off and replacement and anything in between, our talented roofers have your roofing needs under lock and key.

Every time you call us with your roofing needs, we always start with a thorough roof inspection. Utilizing these results, we then produce a no-obligation quote for you to look over. When you decide to collaborate with us, we guarantee that we will always work with professional conduct and world-class workmanship.

Solutions Customized for You

Each building is built slightly differently, so it should be no surprise that each building comes with its own set of issues. Having this in mind, we customize our solutions to fit the needs of every single building we work on. You can rest assured knowing that whatever work is needed on your building’s roof will be done with precision to make it and keep it pristine for many years to come.

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Looking for dependable roofers in Lee’s Summit, MO, or the surrounding area? There is no better choice than us at Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration. Our goal as a company is to provide long-standing, safe roofs to the building owners of Lee’s Summit, MO. Contact us today at 816-358-7663 to let us help you achieve your roofing goals.

Window Replacement – Independence, MO

Changing a small bedroom into an office can feel more personal than upgrading your windows, but in reality, it does not have to be. Replacing your windows can change the feeling of a house to feel more like home. Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration wants to do your window replacement for you. Assisting the homeowners of Independence, MO with their windows is what we enjoy doing most. Give us a call today at (816) 358-7663.

The whole neighborhood will take notice when you replace your old windows with new ones. Replacing your windows lets the world know that you are thinking about your home as a whole, not just parts of it. When the time comes to sell your home, you will get a higher selling price than those who have chosen not to replace the windows.

Saving You Money

Once you have bought your new home and gotten your belongings put away, you need to make certain that the windows are up-to-date. Not only will replacing old windows give your home a needed facelift, but it will also reduce your living costs by lowering your cooling and heating bills. Replacing your old windows will save you between $126 and $465 a year.

Old windows are often draughty or leaky, letting your heating out. At an alarming rate, you might as well just leave the window open. A new window comes with a new seal, making sure that it is leakproof. If you would like to further upgrade your windows, you can invest in double or triple-pane windows, which add an extra layer of protection that reduces your costs even further.

It transforms your house into a home.

Replacing your old windows will save you money, but it will also transform the entire look of your home. If you have an area of your home that does not have a window, it is dark and can feel less comfortable. Creating a window there will not only bring in more light but also allow you to have fresh air in that area on those good days or the smell of rain when it comes through on those rainy days. This allows you to bring in your own style and what you visualize your dream home looking like to live in.

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Window replacement not only helps you financially but also transforms a house into a home. Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration is here to help the people of Independence, MO. Call us at (816) 358-7663 so we can help make your window replacement dreams a reality.

Window Installation – Independence, MO

Are you looking to get your windows replaced in Independence, MO, or the surrounding area? Do not just hire any company and hope they will do an excellent job. Hire a company that you can trust to do the project with the utmost care and respect. Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration will install your windows with the precision they need. Call us right away at (816) 358-7663. A professionally installed window will keep your utility costs low and give your home or business a nice look.

When your windows start showing their age, you should turn to Blue Rain Roofing and Restoration to get them replaced. Determining that it is time for a sleeker, up-to-date window can be a daunting task that you do not have to face alone. We collaborate with our clients to determine which windows they prefer to use, as well as the look they are going for and what their budget is to make their dreams become realities.

Window Replacement

Our installation team will begin by carefully pulling out the old windows and their frames, ensuring to not break the glass if we do not have to. We will do this with great care to ensure no damage is done to the building structure. After that, we will add any extra insulation that is needed and clean up any mess we make.

Next, our crew will be ready to do the installation of your new windows. After gently placing your new window in place and making sure it is level, our crew will then secure each window with professional-grade wrapping and some nails to make sure it stays in place. After a coating of sealant and letting it dry, the installation is done.

The Clean Up

A large window installation can be exceedingly difficult for a crew that is new to installing windows. Our team is specifically trained to install your windows with accuracy and care, with most installations being fully completed within two hours of starting the project. We will leave nothing behind other than a beautiful newly installed window or windows and a happy owner.

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From the moment you call our team to the moment we drive away from a job done with care and precision, our team at Blue Rain Roofing and Restorations is committed to providing each of our customers with high-quality windows and the best service possible. Call us today at (816) 358-7663 to experience the positive difference we bring to your next window project in Independence, MO.

Siding Repair – Independence, MO

The importance of your home’s siding cannot be put in the back of your mind because it is the defense mechanism of your property and the protection of your family. Therefore, your home’s siding needs to be in its optimal state at all times. If you are a homeowner in Independence, MO, or the surrounding area, feel free to reach out to our top-notch craftsmen at Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration at any time at (816) 358-7663. We are known for our siding repair services across the state of MO, and we are glad to keep serving our neighbors for many years to come.

The top-grade repair service

If the siding of your home is in a vulnerable state, get back on track with a top-grade repair service. If you live in Independence, MO, you are in luck. We at Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration have skilled workers who can and will help you.

Whenever you notice any sort of problem with the siding of your property, you should call us immediately. We will set out for your residential premises right away, and upon our arrival, we will commence with a detailed inspection of the siding on your home. Once the inspection is out of the way, we will provide you with a no-obligation estimate, containing the results of that inspection and our recommendation on how we should proceed with taking care of your siding. If fixing the siding turns out to be the best solution, we will start the repair job as soon as you agree to the terms and conditions in the estimate. Our work will be of the highest quality.

If any other siding service, besides repairing, turns out to be the best solution, we are equipped to tackle those challenges as well.

Top-Quality Siding Materials

Aside from top-grade workmanship, the materials that are used in a siding job also have a say in how successful the job will be. That is the reason we utilize materials from only the best manufacturers in town. As a result, you can confidently depend on the work we carry out on the exterior of your home.

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Are you in need of a reliable siding repair service in Independence, MO? As long as you are a homeowner, just contact Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration at (816) 358-7663.

Roof Insurance Claim – Blue Springs, MO

A well-installed and well-maintained roof will last for many years and provide the best return on your investment. If it is severely damaged and you need to use your insurance company’s damaged roof repair coverage, you can run into difficulties. Dealing with insurance claims, negotiating claims with adjusters, and ensuring that all damage is covered can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. It is true that many people are not sure where to start when it comes to filing a claim or even knowing where to look for problems or what evidence they will need to prove their claims. To file a roof insurance claim, you must go through three procedures. If you are from Blue Springs, MO, then look no further than Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration. We will help you with your roof insurance claims. Contact us at 816-358-7663.

How to Make a Roof Insurance Claim?

A failing roof is only covered by some insurance policies. Irrespective of the roof’s age, other roof insurance policies will pay the full cost of repairing or replacing the damaged section when you file a claim. In most circumstances, your insurance provider will send an inspector to look over your roof claim and verify whether it is valid or not. Damage to a roof that is the result of regular wear and tear will not be covered by your insurance policy. As a result, you should first gain a general knowledge of what your insurance covers.

Another key stage in the process of making a roof insurance claim that is accepted is to have accurate information about the state of your roof. Before-and-after images of the property’s roof and exterior must be taken as proof. Do not forget to maintain a log of all repairs, roof estimates, and invoices received as well as the maintenance that has been done on it. Having all this documentation and information on hand ensures a streamlined insurance claim process.

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There are many factors to consider while choosing the right roofing company to help you file a claim for damaged roof repairs. Look for a roofing contractor with a lot of experience with filing roof insurance claims. You should be able to trust the contractor to help you obtain the high-quality roof damage repair services that your insurance policy covers. If you are from Blue Springs, MO, then look no further than Blue Rain Roofing & Restoration. Contact us at 816-358-7663.